Gus’s Bar & Grill

Soccer fans and football supporters in the Richmond area regularly gather at Gus’s Bar & Grill to watch live matches from Europe and around the globe. At Gus’s Bar & Grill you will find live football matches shown on the TV screens surrounded by other supporters who love football.

NOTE: In some cases, a football pub may have closed for good or is no longer affiliated with a particular FC. We highly encourage checking with the establishment prior to your arrival to ensure football matches will be shown with sound.

NOTE: If the football match you want to see is in a different time zone than the time zone you plan to watch in, please check with the pub prior to your arrival to ensure the establishment will be open in time for kick off.

NOTE: Some FC Pubs do not allow entry of underage patrons. Please check with the bar or restaurant to make sure they allow entry to minors not yet age 18 or 21 depending on your country where you will be viewing the football match.

Have you been to this location? If so, please add a review below and tell other football supporters living in or visiting the Richmond area what it is like at Gus’s Bar & Grill.

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